Sunday, September 5, 2010

In the sunlight.

Heh, ive never been fond of sun. not to mention the  "Shine" part. (Glare sucks). Anyway. Relaxing atm...

Idk what to say...unfortunately when the words leak out of my head they do instantaneously, where every1 seems to be in autopilot i move forward in life. I know im not the only 1. I saw MARS not too long ago close to the moon. It was badass, not to mention the meteor shower i saw on a moonlight night.

The solar system is beautiful :D but i wish we could see it all....i can atleast see the milky way at the resevoir....It reminds me of you... :P

Australia is going to be really hot >.< lol imna friggin tan while im out there....become a crisp...bagel. <3 Im thinking to myself (Oh god i just mentioned a bagel.) wow idk...imna prolly look like a tourist T-T lol :) its gonna be fun.

Well as for doing CUTCO, THe money is great! but...Idk the refferals are hard....hopefully i can get what i need to Handle things on my own for a while :D Almost like the spirit of goodness is with me or something :P Wow using angels as metaphors....i might need to write a book about that some time....Oh shit...>.> Hallmark. Or any Card shop.

I feel like skilling up and ranking up in killzone....but theres only a few ppl on evry 1nce and a while....i wonder how set up matches would be on the game servers... Eh maybe 1 day :P Or maybe i could work something out with this blog. :P Never know. ^-^