Saturday, September 4, 2010


This is a dream I had at one point and its always stuck with me, 1 day ill put it into something maybe its destined to be here.

In the beginning there were two almighty beings one of darkness and one of light. These beings were in a constant conflict and one day destroyed each other and created the universe. The being of light became the stars, and the dark being became the darkness of the universe.

These beings live on in the bodies of every living thing there was light, and in all the matter surrounding them there was dark. A being was born one day a being of both light and dark. He dedicated his life to learning the techniques of the blade and forever became a being of honor and respect of everyone equally although by doing this he seperated himself from the lives of the people around him letting them live their lives in happiness and bliss letting them do as they please.

The planet he had been on was a special one, for it held the heart of the dark being, The heart of the universe. This heart created more dark beings to carry out its whim and keep the light from moving forward and making the darkness obsolete. A constant power struggle between light and dark had commenced.

The well trained being was walking to a compound, a fortress at the end of his journey and there he found the heart of darkness had prepared itself with the captive light inside of the material beings creating tanks and weapons for them to destroy this one child of both makers.

He approached the compound and drew his sword as masses of enemies charged into battle with him. Like a ray of light he would pass by these beings of dark slicing them down and dodging their attacks leaving only a trail of destruction behind.

He was going to end the heart of the universe, And he wanted the light to fade to nothingness for such a useless existence. As he cut through enemy after enemy his body became weak and the light was growing faint.

A bullet struck him suddenly In the head from a sniper in the distance. Falling to the floor his life ended and he was left in a dark room where every step he took it was like stepping on a thick sheet of glass as light illuminated under his footsteps, There were things in the darkness approaching him and thats when he became conscious again.

His body faded to darkness as he stood slowly, A being made of pure darkness stood before the armies of the universe. As his eyes opened for the first time in this dark rage a bright red light shimmered through them. His body had changed and suddenly his fingers had become blades of darkness. While lost in this dark plain of existence he started to cut through the enemies of the light. Moving faster and stronger than he had been before finding a new power in the darkness.

After cutting down many of his enemies the heart of darkness produced more of these dark entities. Suddenly he flew into the air and sliced through the darkness finding light shattering dimensions as he flew over head. The bullet-hole that had once been there became a cross of light on his forehead as the red in his eyes became light.

He sliced in the air at the enemies under him as the claw marks he was leaving in the ground left divots in the world below slicing through the tanks and beings that had been created to destroy him. He glared down at the war-zone below him and began to open a black hole on top of his enemies and left it there as it bent light and darkness into it it crushed the beings forever with its powerful gravitational pull. Screaming in agony as this happened he dove down into the dark hole and absorbed all of the power from it crashing into the orb of nothingness he created a blast of destruction all around him as he stood in a crater.

The hole receded on him as he opened a pair of white wings grew from the darkness of his body. He covered himself and in a blast of white feathers he was back to his original self.

-The dream ends here-